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This Banking App Helps Its Users Record Their Cash Flow Easily

By Isny Dewi R

20 July 2020

Jenius provides a feature that can help you organize easy cash flow to create healthy finance.

Photo source: Pexels
Who does not want to have a healthy finance? But do you know what healthy finance is like? Healthy finance can be started by understanding your cash flow. To find it out, of course you need to note every income and expenses. There are those who record it manually in a book, there are also those who do it digitally. Either way, it requires consistency and accuracy in recording income and expenses, so that nothing is missed.
For banking application, Jenius users, you no longer need to bother with recording your cash flow, because Jenius now provides a feature that can help you with this matter, Moneytory, a personal finance diary that can help you organize easy cash flow to create healthy finance.
Unlike other financial management apps, Moneytory feature in Jenius app is completely automated, so you don't need to bother counting. This feature records all incoming and outgoing money transactions in your Jenius Active Balance and m-Card.
In addition, through this feature you can also see a summary of financial conditions clearly, starting from the amount of income and expenses, the difference between the two, and the transactions that you do most often from Jenius Active Balance and m-Card. You can also determine your own Moneytory period, can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or according to your payday.
All money in your Active Balance will be recorded in Moneytory as an entry and categorized automatically. You can also see the percentage and details of income more specifically according to categories such as Salary, Admission, and others.
Just like income, expenses from Active Balance and m-Card will also be recorded automatically in Moneytory, starting from money transfers, e-Wallet top-up, paying bills, all recorded automatically. If there are transactions recorded in Uncategorized section, you can change them.
The Moneytory feature is automatically available on Jenius app and you can use it at no additional cost.

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