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K-Pop Idols’ Top 5 Favorite Photo Editing Apps

K-Pop Idols’ Top 5 Favorite Photo Editing Apps


It is no wonder Hallyu, Korea cultural wave becomes obsession for those love Korean pop culture. There are quite few trends of K-Pop idols’, and one of them is selfie. Not a common selfie, all those narcissism selfies use these photo editing applications which offer dozens of unique filter and effect.

1. Kwai

Provided for iOS and Android users, Kwai becomes one of the most popular apps through K-Pop Idols’. Kwai, similar apps with dubsmash offers dozens of unique effect and filter. While you dub popular Korean drama, you can use both effect or filter at the same time. More importantly, your face looks more cute with these effect and filter. No wonder if pile of K-Pop Idols’ like IU, Girls Generation Yoona, Choi Tae Joon, Lee Sung Kyung and Suzy ex-Miss A love this app.

2. Gudak

As released by hypebeast.com, Screw-Bar, a South Korean start-up developed a new camera app that processed as well as disposable camera. Gudak Cam worth for $0.99 in App Store provided you an outdated sensation of old disposable camera. You have 24 exposures to “develop”. Gudak Cam which is quickly gaining fans around the K-Pop Idols’ seem like ‘torture’ user to wait ‘endless hour’ to reload the film, those who use this app should make their best 24 shots in a row before get another film.

3. Snow

Developed by CampMobile, Inc. Snow offers unique features even more unique than Snapchat. Dozens of motion sticker make EXO’s Baekhyun love this app than Snapchat. Along its motion sticker, you can also add adjustable caption with different size, color, position and duration. Snow also offers you loop photo like video as the same with one of Instagram feature, Boomerang called GIF mode.  

4. Foodie

As the name implies, you can probably figure out what Foodie is. Foodie, photo editing app for iOS and Android user to make your favorite food or drinks look more tempting. Developed by Snow Inc. Foodie offers you 30 effects, like Yum, Tropical, Picnic, BBQ, Sweet, Chewy, Crispy and many more following. Foodie also offers you 5 different menus as timer, blur, setting, swapping camera and minimize view.

5. Analog Film

This paid app for iOS user offers 400 filters inspired by popular outdated analog cameras, like Kodak Gold, Potra, Konica and so on. Jimin BTS becomes Analog Film fan, for making his photo brighter and natural with pink effect. Feel satisfied yet with hundreds of filter? Analog Film gives you more editing tools, like Exposure, Vignette also Light Leaks to make your photo look more beautiful.