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The Harmony Between Gadget and Family

The Harmony Between Gadget and Family


The story begins when Muhammad Nur Awaludin was still a kid. At that time, Awaludin was so addicted to gadget and game for more than 10 years. He could play for 30 hours nonstop and this made the communication between him and his parents became loose because of their lack of togetherness moment. This habit still continued when Awaludin entered college. At some day before his graduation day, his parents passed away. Slapped by that moment, Awaladuin starts to realize that gadget and technology can steal precious moment with family.

Along with his three friends with same vision, Awaludin created Kakatu, a smartphone and tablet apps to help parents control their children’s access to digital devices.

This application also can educate parents about the best way to form a healthy bonding between parents, children, and gadget.

After installed, parents can choose the applications they want their child to use. Parents can also set timer to lock the gadget. After the time is over, a video message which recorded by the parents will pop up and shown.

This expected to be a fun and touching way for parents to remind their child that it’s the time for them to go back to the real world. Kakatu even has an extreme feature to block a call from certain number. Long story short, Kakatu’s features can bring positive advantages when used wisely.