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Conserve Batik Making Culture in Jakarta

Conserve Batik Making Culture in Jakarta


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Begun from the worried of batik making culture which now starts to fade and the rare of batik making place in Jakarta, Budi Dwi Hariyanto, along with his friends Budi Irawan and Bimo, make a village at Jalan Palbatu IV No. 17 Menteng Dalam, Tebet, South Jakarta, as a batik village named Kampoeng Batik Palbatu.

Founded in 2011 invites 18 batik makers from Java, these three initiators want to educate people in Jalan Palbatu area about batik making to keep it everlasting.

Kampoeng Batik Palbatu now has around 13 batik making teaachers come from Palbatu. They come to giving education to visitors who want to know batik deeper. This batik village often visited by any education institute or individual visitors. Visitors who come to learn about batik making process will be directed to follow batik making class.

The class for less than 7 participants no need to register, because 1 instructor is enough to handle 7 visitors. But, if more than 7, then you need to register to follow this class, because it will need more than 1 instructor.

Charged cost to every visitor who wants to follow batik making class, divided into 4 categories, Rp 100.000 for mencanting process to coloring fabric sized 50 x 50 meter, Rp 200.000 for mencanting process to finishing, Rp 250.000 with bigger fabric, and Rp 250.000 to Rp 1 million for more detail batik making process, bigger fabric, and longer training session.

Batik characteristic of Kampoeng Batik Palbatu is a batik tulis with Betawi mask, fireworks, great tits, and rambutan.

Not only produce batik tulis, this place also receive other batik production, like fabric, clothes or tablecloth for sale it to visitors. Those batik things usually come from batik stores which is related with Kampoeng Batik Palbatu. For further information, you can check on http://www.kampoengbatikpalbatu.com.

Not only become a village who provides a place to learn about batik making, Kampoeng Batik Palbatu also looks charming with batik mural decorate the walls and the streets in this village. Seen this change, makes Kampung Batik Palbatu has been nominated for a few times to be a a sample of independent village.


Jl. Palbatu IV No. 17 Menteng Dalam, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan

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