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Minimalist Coffee Shop with Enchanting Flavours

By Eskanisa R

09 October 2019

Kedai Kopi Kampungan, minimalist coffee shop with enchanting flavours.

In the middle of mushrooming coffee shops in Jakarta, you should not miss this coffee shop, Kedai Kopi Kampungan. Either you are waiting for traffic jam along Jalan Radio Dalam, hanging out after work or simply surfing on your social media, this minimalist coffee shop is an ideal place to visit.

With slogan of “Sederhana Tapi Memikat”, Kedai Kopi Kampungan provides cozy ambience and friendly services make you feel like at home. For example, perfect combination of Es Kopi Susu (iced coffee with milk) served with vintage glass and Urap Jagung (steamed corn with shredded coconut) which both priced for Rp15.000 can accompany your relax time until 7 pm.

Every sip of Es Kopi Susu tastes creamy yet strong. Although it served cold, it still has the aroma. Perfect choice to get rid your thirst after work. Even this coffee shop only opens until 7 pm, cozy, calm ambience help restore and refresh your body.

Minimalist design with interior, decorations and glasses also vintage serving plates make Kedai Kopi Kampungan feels like breeze in the middle of modern, mushrooming coffee shops in Jakarta.


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Kedai Kopi Kampungan
Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 3C (samping Nawilis Ban)

Open Hours:

07.00 – 19.00 WIB