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24 Hours Delicacy of Porridge in a Clay Pot

24 Hours Delicacy of Porridge in a Clay Pot

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If you are asking what is the uniqueness of this Chinese food restaurant in Mangga Besar area, most people would say: porridge. Yes, the porridge in Kamseng Restaurant becomes the most favorite menu and often sold out even if it is still morning because many people order it for breakfast. But don’t worry, because this restaurant is open for 24 hours so you can still enjoy the delicacy of the porridge served in a clay pot if you have a midnight hunger.

The soft texture of the porridge and many choices of additional dish are the keys of the delicacy. Well, you can find several porridge menus such as Bubur Tiga Rasa, Bubur Guangzhou Special, Bubur Daging Babi Pitan, Bubur Kepiting, Bubur Belut, and many others. Yup, if you don’t consume non-halal food, you have to be careful on choosing the menu here, because Kamseng also has non-halal menu.

You can order Bubur Polos Kamseng that you can combine all you want with extra side dishes such as Kuo Tie, Cakue, Tahu Kecap, Sayur Asin, Rumput Laut, Jamur Hitam, and others.

Besides porridge, Kamseng Restaurant also has vermicelli, noodle, kway teow, veggies, and rice or fried rice menu such as Nasi Kari Ayam and Nasi Sapo. There are also Rose Chicken, Ayam Rebus, Bebek Panggang, Babi Kecap, Cumi Goreng, Udang Rebus, to Jellyfish.

If you want something fresh, choices of drinks from Melon Pearl to Kurma Juice, and desserts like Papaya Stewing Nest or Gui Ling Gao are ready to freshen you up. You can also have tea, coffee, juice, soft drink, to beer if you want. Enjoy!


Jl. Mangga Besar 1 No. 26, Jakarta Barat 11180



Operational Hours

24 Jam