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Cheese Tea from Thailand Available Now in Jakarta

Cheese Tea from Thailand Available Now in Jakarta

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Later this year, tea drinks from Thailand are so liked by so many Jakartans, especially millenials. Previously, we were excited for Thai Tea and Mango drinks from Thailand, and now Cheese Tea has slowly replace them.

Kamu Tea is one of the stores from Thailand who offers Cheese Tea. You can find it at AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City, Cakung, East Jakarta.

Kamu Tea serves various of drinks, such as Milk Tea, Thai Tea, Matcha, Cocoa & Milk, and of course Cheese Tea. Their Cheese Tea divided into a few choices, Matcha Cheese Tea, Houjicha Cheese Tea, Passion Fruit Cheese Tea, and Dark Cocoa Cheese Tea.

Matcha Cheese Tea become the most favorite one. Consists of matcha with cream cheese on the top. For you sweet lovers, you can ask the staff to give it 100% of sugar, and 50% for you who don't like sweet too much.

Not only covered of cheese cream, on the top of it also sprinkled of matcha powder. Above the cup, they will add a piece of lemon. This is used as a neutralize if you don't like cheese cream too much. You just have to sip the lemon.

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/kamutea.id

The making of Matcha Cheese Tea is not going to take a long time, it is just need less than five minutes, and you can enjoy it.

But, you can't randomly drink it. They recommend you to not drink using straw, but directly from the glass. So, you can taste the matcha and the cream cheese not combine in the glass. If you stirring it, then the taste will be changed and not good.

When the first time you try, you can taste the cheese cream is so soft and sweet. Then you will taste the matcha, but it is not too bitter.

The blend of cheese cream and matcha will perfectly blended on your tongue after the first time you drink it.

The price for small Matcha Cheese Tea's Kamu Tea is Rp 33.000, and Rp 36.000 for medium Matcha Cheese Tea. And for other drinks they sell it from Rp 20.000 - Rp 39.000.


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