Saturday, October 19, 2019
Company Helps Farmers in Indonesia

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19, March 2019

More and more start-ups have sprung up in Indonesia, one of them is quite interesting is, a livestock investment platform. The start-up has managed investments of approximately Rp 5 billion and help as many as 100 farmers in all regions in Indonesia. has and worked with farmer partners to ensure the success of the investments they planted. Until now, there are around 25 grazier groups owned by with a number of farmers who are assisted by around 100 partners.

The platform has succeeded in funding farmers in various livestock sectors such as cattle fattening, lambs for kurban, laying hens, broilers, chicken kampung super, and carp and koi cultivation. On the app or website, there are funding projects. The incoming projects are several projects that has been curated and evaluated through several stages.

Prospective investors can choose projects that will be funded and farmers' profiles will appear, analyze the results and investment prospects. The investment nominal starts from Rp 500,000. After finishing ordering and making payments, investors will get periodic reports, financial reports and profit sharing.

Since was first established, the development is quite good. Although it is not optimal yet, but in the past year the platform has managed Rp 1.5 billion investment. It is often for many prospective investors can’t get investment booking slots because the opened project has been fully funded in a matter of hours.

Speaking of income, uses akad mudharabah or profit sharing according to Islamic law. The percentage of revenue sharing is adjusted to the type of farm funded. Variations in profit sharing systems start at 50:50, 70:30 or 60:40. As for the ujrah survey reimbursement, evaluation and onboarding costs of farmers that are charged around 1% of investment value is paid in advance to the management. services can be accessed in all regions of Indonesia, because it is an online investment-based livestock platform. farmer partners mostly come from West Java, Lombok, regions in East Java and Yogyakarta. Until now, is still running with a bootstrapping system from private funds. There is also funding from Angel Investors, but still in the soft loan form that are used as business and operational development. But if there are investors who are interested in joining, is very open to working together.



Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.