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Kartu Pra-Kerja to Launch this August?

By Eskanisa R

27 February 2020

Pre-employment card to launch this August.

Airlangga Hartarto, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs said government will launch Kartu Pra-Kerja (pre-employment cards) next August right after announcement of delaying launch this March. Tuesday (10/12), Airlangga said Kartu Pra-Kerja would be officially released in next August 2020.

In March 2020, government will start launch Kartu Pra-Kerja in two first cities, Jakarta and Bandung. Hence, April to August 2020, they will expand implementation of the Kartu Pra-Kerja in other cities in Indonesia.

Kartu Pra-Kerja will be given for those High School (SMA), Vocational High School (SMK) or graduate (S1) affected by termination of employment (PHK) or transfer jobs. Indonesian citizens over 18 years old who are not pursuing formal education or working as migrant employee can get the card.

Kartu Pra-Kerja holders will receive funds for 3 – 7 million rupiah which used for training in various industries including photography, digital, lifestyle, property, banking, marketing and entertainment industry.

To launch Kartu Pra-Kerja, government collaborate with several training institutions including privates which used as training field for those holders both offline and online. Right after train in several determined times, holders expected to jump right in the real work field.

Kartu Pra-Kerja valid for 2 – 6 months, however both government and Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) have not provide further information about validation of the card.



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