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KASKUS HobbyGround, the Most Hype Hobby Festival of the Year

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29, October 2019

As the biggest community forum, KASKUS always strives to be a home for any hobbies you have. One of them which will be held this weekend is a festival that will become a gathering place for hobbyists, KASKUS HobbyGround. This festival will take place for two days, from 2 to 3 November 2019, at Plaza Barat Senayan in Central Jakarta.

KASKUS HobbyGround is divided into three zones. Rides zone for those who love automotive world such as cars, motorbikes and bicycles. In this zone, you can also participate in various interesting activities such as sharing session, morning rides, motorbike and super unique classic car exhibition, and bazaar to complement your riding gear.

There is also Super Street zone for street culture fans. In this zone there will be various exciting activities such as Super Rap Battle, Super Live Mural, to Super Skateboard Competition. In addition, there is also Street Market where you can find sneakers or other streetwear that you may not have yet.

Kpop fans are also spoiled at KASKUS HobbyGround. Because at this hobby festival there is also HALLYU zone with many cool activities such as Make up & OOTD Talks, Noraebang Booth & Competition, Community Talk & Sing Along, Cooking Class, Fandom Festival, Kpop dance competition, tarot reading, to Korean Bazaar.

Not a fan of all those three hobbies? Calm down You can still enjoy this event because KASKUS HobbyGround will also have interesting entertainment that can be enjoyed by all hobbyists. You can sing along with top Indonesian musicians including Afgan, RamenGvrl, Maliq n d'essentials, Barasuara, Dipha Barus, Mocca, and many more.

Entry ticket? Dont worry! The entry ticket price is only Rp 50,000, you can buy it via Don’t miss it!



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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.