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Keep Your Health with Oneng Blarian

By Eskanisa R

08 November 2019

Keep your health with this running community, Oneng Blarian.

Have you heard about this running community, Oneng Blarian? From a lot of running communities in Jakarta, Oneng Blarian (Obler) is quite popular. It simply because while other communities are aiming for the achievements, Obler simply want to invite other people to stay healthy and have good relationship with other (members/families).


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Basically, Obler is a community where women who love running so much gathered. As the time goes by, Obler developing and has ‘branches’ like Suble (Suami Obler) for husband who also join with their wives, Sabler (Sahabat Obler) family and friends of Obler members, and Abler (Anak Obler) children of Obler members.


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Hence, they do not aim ‘target’, it does not mean Obler not serious to do their exercise. Every movement before and after running are guaranteed to make you dripping a lot of sweat. That is why Obler is not just a running community, but also feels like a large family meet by destiny of same pleasure (running) and support each other to keep, stay and maintain health.


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With unique slogan “Because ‘runners’ is too mainstream”, this community also support each member to pursue their own achievements. A lot of Obler members earn their succeed in prestigious running events including Bali Marathon, Tokyo Marathon, Rinjani Altitude Run and many more.


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Want to join and make yourself sweating with Obler? Obler does routine training every Tuesday and Thursday at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK), Senayan starts at 8 pm. Along with that, they also hold interesting events such as Yoga on the Beach and Weekend Long Run.


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