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Keep Your Home Safe During Mudik

By Eskanisa R

29 May 2019

Tips to keep your home safe during Eid.

Jakarta seems empty towards Eid al-Fitr. How about your home during mudik (exodus season)? No worries, here are simple ways to keep your home safe while going to hometown.

1. Electricity and Gas

Every Eid al-Fitr, it turns out that not only thief make people anxious to leave their home but also fires. Make sure to remove all cables from its sockets, television, rice cooker, refrigerator, fan and other electrical devices. Besides reducing electricity usage, it also helps to reduce potential of fires due to short-circuit flows. Along with that, also make sure to remove gas regulator to avoid gas leaked.

2. Drainage Holes and Water

Close all drainage holes to avoid rats, mice, cockroaches and their relatives come home. It also applies for tap water, make sure there are no leaks. No matter how small the leak, it will have a big impact on your monthly bill. You can also close the water flow from central faucet to stop water flow during mudik.

3. Delivery

If you have a plan to go home (town) for a long time, do not order anything online. Stacked goods in front of your home make it looks empty and invite illegal attention of thief. If it’s already done before you go, you can ask nicely your nearest neighbour to keep your stuffs. Use their addresses as shipping addresses and keep your stuffs for a while.

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