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The Developing Mall

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
10, February 2016

Going around Kelapa Gading area, you must have seen the giant mall in the middle of the lines of shops. The mall was first built as Plaza Kelapa Gading in 1990 and was only 32,000 square-meter big. But following the overwhelming demands, the mall expanded the building into 72,000 m2 with 250 units of tenants.

In the following years, the mall has opened the Kelapa Gading Mall 3, with a total of 130,000 m2. And today, the size of the mall is 150,000 m2 by the opening of Kelapa Gading Mall 5 (in Chinese belief, the number 4 is avoided because it means death) and makes the mall as the longest mall. Wow! No wonder it is a one-stop-shopping for all of your needs because there are over 600 shops line up here.

At the Kelapa Gading Mall, you can find a few special zones they gather according to each field. There is The New Catwalk zone for boutiques of famous Indonesian designer and a department store of Indonesian handicraft souvenirs. There is also Food Temptation as the biggest food court in Indonesia, as big as 6,000 sqm that can hold about 2,300 chairs. You should not worry to find a seat here.

Not only at Food Temptation, you can find more food at Food Sensation, Gourmet Walk, and Eat & Eat Food Market. Apart from culinary and boutiques, the mall likes to hold many fun events for family along the mall corridors and plazas. So you can bring your family and friends to visit Kelapa Gading Mall this weekend!

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono