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Great Taste Patisserie

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These days, there are many shops that sell cake and patisserie. Almost everyone likes patisserie. Cakes and bread are the perfect snack to spoil your taste bud and the perfect light meal when hunger strikes when you haven’t got time to eat. Moreover, in the afternoon time, cakes or sandwich bread is perfect to accompany you while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Speaking about cakes and bread, there is one patisserie in Central Jakarta. The name is Kempi Deli. This patisserie sells choices of cake and bread, and also drinks. For you who like sweet snacks, Macaroons, Black Forest, and Strawberry Danish can be the perfect choice while spending your time in the afternoon.

Meanwhile for the bread choices, you can try The Pacific, Cowboy’s Best, and The Baltic. The Pacific is a tuna sandwich served with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black olives, thin-sliced boiled egg, and mayonnaise. Different with The Baltic which served with croissant stuffed with smoked salmon, lettuce, and butter. And Cowboy’s Best has pan-fried beef, served with cheese, onions, and arugula.

It is not completed when enjoying a cake and bread without a cup of coffee, such as Cappuccino, Flavored Café Latte, and Latte Macchiato. Yu can also enjoy other beverages like teas or fresh smoothies. Yummy!


Grand Indonesia Shopping Town East Mall, lantai 2. Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1 Jakarta Pusat 10310, Indonesia


+62 21 - 2358 3985

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09.00 - 22.00 WIB