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Keratin Therapy at Quo Studio for Your Straight Limp Hair

By Isny Dewi R

08 January 2020

Keratin hair treatment at Quo Studio can help you get healthy, smooth and manageable hair.

Many women who want straight and manageable hair. Usually, they choose to use hair clamp to get straight hair quickly. But maybe you already know, too often in using hair clamp can harm your hair.

But don’t worry! Because this salon in Kemang can provide a solution for those who want to get dreamy hair, through Keratin Therapy. Keratin hair treatment offered by Quo Studio can help you get healthy, smooth and manageable hair.

Keratin itself is actually a natural protein in our hair shaft. However, because they are often exposed to chemical processes and styling, the amount of keratin in our hair is increasingly reduced. That is what makes hair coarse and unmanageable. In addition to using keratin, Keratin Therapy at Quo Studio also uses babassu oil, to nourish your hair.

Picture Source: Instagram

Although it can straighten hair, the result from Keratin Therapy will not make your hair stiff as a result of smoothing. In addition, you can still style your hair as you wish after do this therapy, unlike smoothing which gives slightly wet result and hard to styling your hair.

This beauty studio, formerly known as Blobar, offers Keratin Therapy at Rp 900,000. The effect of Keratin Therapy is claimed to last up to 3 months. If you are interested in doing hair care at Quo Studio, it’s recommended to book in advance. For more information, you can visit or Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

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