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Ketimbang Ngemis Jakarta Appreciates Noble Figures in Jakarta

By Isny Dewi R

14 January 2019

Ketimbang Ngemis Jakarta help people with shortcomings but still working hard.

Starting from compassion for people who have deficiencies, but never give up and keep working hard, a student Yona Luverina created an Instagram account called @ketimbang.ngemis.jakarta on Ramadan 2015. Yona initially saw Ketimbang Ngemis account on her Instagram account. The account uploads stories of people who are always trying in the midst of their shortcomings.

Yona and several people decided to contact the account admin, request a permission to create a similar account specifically for Jakarta area. She proposed to create a Ketimbang Ngemis Jakarta account. There are around 5-7 people who joined to form an account that is used to help noble figures in Jakarta.

Their first activity was carried out in 2015 named Mulikmat Ramadhan. At that time they still did not know how the donation system was, who was a noble figure who had to be helped. Finally, they tried to jump into Kota Tua, looking for some sellers who had deficiencies and had to be helped. In addition to looking for noble figures directly, they also use the mouth-to-mouth method to collect donations to be given.

A month passed, @ketimbang.ngemis.jakarta began to take attention. Many people start to follow the account and ask them to make a bank account for donations. The account is also made in the name of one of the managing treasurer. Finally, Ketimbang Ngemis Jakarta has many followers. At present, there are already 76,800 accounts following @ketimbang.ngemis.jakarta. The more followers, the more that informs noble figures, the more people give donations.

The more followers who provide information, Ketimbang Ngemis Jakarta task is no longer looking for a noble figure. Now their task is to verify information about noble figures who deserve help.

There are specific criteria as what they call solia, the elderly, people with disabilities, have little income, many dependents, and do not have a permanent place to live. Most importantly, they do not beg, because as the name implies, this community wants to give appreciation to people who have economic shortcomings, even physical, but do not hopeless and keep working hard, rather than asking for other people's help. Every month, there are 20-30 solias they help. Each gets Rp 2 million from @ketimbang.ngemis.jakarta followers. The community that has “Hargai Mereka yang SAY NO TO MENGEMIS” is also often hold gathering at Taman Menteng, Central Jakarta.


Instagram: @ketimbang.ngemis.jakarta

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