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Keys to Family Business Success

By Eskanisa R

20 January 2020

Keys to family business success.

Now, you might be responsible of your family business. While managing business, specifically family business is not easy, yet it has a lot of benefits for everyone running it. The reason is sharing profit. However, it does not mean people who run family business cannot find difficulties. Problem usually come up while each person has their own interests. So, here are keys to run your family business and get succeed.

1. Separate Your Personal and Business Problems

This first point is very important to note. It simply because common problem while running family business is take the personal and business problems in the same time. For example, a leader tell worker which is his or her family member about the work performances. Hence, the worker should be accept professionally. Leader should provide objective sight based on facts rather than his or her personal views or feelings.

2. Communication

As social beings, human need to communicate to relate each other opinion. In this case, communication really needed to deliver good input related to the business. If every single person can communicate well, every kind of obstacles can be resolved easily. To minimize impression of being dominate, leader can choose to discuss anything including problems out of the office, for example while family gathering to build relax atmosphere.

3. Regulations

This one is made to make family member involved in that business understand what is their duty. So, vision and mission of the company can be reached easily with good regulations. In other words, regulations are made to respect all family members, for example, leader set operating hour at 9am, if there are workers come late, they should get punishment. Regulations also help discipline them as well as respecting other workers who arrive on time.



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