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The Pioneer of Indonesia’s Indonesian Biscuit Industry

The Pioneer of Indonesia’s Indonesian Biscuit Industry




When you hear the Khong Guan brand, you will think about the red square tin packaging with an image of a mother and her two children around a dining table, enjoying the biscuit and tea. Yup, the biscuit produced by PT Khong Guan Biscuit Factory Indonesia, Ltd. was established in 1970 by Hidayat Darmono and has become the pioneer of biscuit industry in Indonesia.

Actually the products they produce are not only the biscuits inside the red square tin, or what they call as Red Khong Guan. A list of brand names such as Nissin, Monde, and Serena are also the products they created, and they keep on innovating. How not, Khong Guan now has around 418 types of biscuits, ranging from cream crackers, hard biscuit, wafer, to cookies.

The market segmentation that becomes their target is divided based on age and price. For the age segmentation, Khong Guan products are made for children, teenager, and adult. It is normal if you find the Choco Bear, L.A. Bear, and Big Royal Wafer with packaging for kids; Oishii Milk Marie, Togo Fit, Big Royal Coating are made for teenagers; and Cream Crackers, Malkist Crackers, Red Khong Guan, and Butter Cookies for the adults.

As for the price segmenting, the Red Khong Guan biscuits is targeting lower middle level, Nissin for middle level, and Monde for upper middle. Khong Guan also exports their products to many countries in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and America.

According to their tagline “Tak Asing Lagi dan Tak Ada Duanya” (Familiar and The Only One), Khong Guan proved that although there are many other biscuit products from other companies, Khong Guan still exists in the biscuit industry in Indonesia.

The key of their existence is focusing to the product quality. That is why Khong Guan uses only quality ingredients and supported with modern machines and robotic packaging system to ensure the high quality products.

They also have halal certification from MUI, HACCP certification, and ISO 22000:2005 that makes Khong Guan undoubted as a brand.

A number of prizes had also been won, such as Top Brand Award for Biscuit Category (Not Wafer) in 2014 and Superbrands Award in 2008-2009. The strong distribution channel is also the key that makes it possible for you to find Khong Guan products everywhere, even in the remote areas in Indonesia.


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