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Kill Boredom if You are Staycation during the Pandemic

By Eskanisa R

13 November 2020

To make your stay safe and comfortable.

Photo source: Pixabay

As the economic collapse, hotels already offering inexpensive work-from-hotel and end-year-staycation packages frayed by the stress of the pandemic and boredom. To make your stay in a hotel during the pandemic as safe and pleasant as possible, here are things to take into account.

1. Choose Rooms with Large Windows
Ask room with large window or private balcony for your stay. Make sure that a hotel has pretty good ventilation, good exchange with outdoor and indoor air. Besides good ventilation, private balcony is perfect to enjoy nice views and the city. Keep in mind, room with private balcony cost extra money.

2. Smart TV
As the name implies, smart TV connect to the internet and deliver a range of great online features (apps) like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and so forth to pass your leisure time by doing something enjoyable, binge-watching your favourite serial or movies.

3. Room Service
Last but not least important is room service. To avoid close person-to-person contact to help prevent spread the virus, order room service for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. If the prices of room service are too high, you can also use food delivery instead of going out to eat and gather in unsafe large crowds.

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