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The First Pharmacy Company in Indonesia

By Miranti Devina

21 August 2015

Kimia Farma The First Pharmacy Company in Indonesia

Running since the 18th century, Kimia Farma is the first pharmacy company runs in Indonesia. Although Kimia Farma was a national company, but since 1958 they have already been an independent company with the same quality and also vision and mission which is to ensure the public health in Indonesia. At first, Kimia Farma was just focusing on the pharmacy product development. But now, they also pay attention to the trading activity and distribution network, also the health service based on pharmacy retail network. That’s why now Kimia Farma products are not only pharmaceutical, but also drugstore, pharmacy clinic, pharmacy laboratory, and trading & distribution.

Their existence in Indonesia is proved by more than 400 outlets, 64 pharmacy clinics, 33 pharmacy laboratories, and 45 trading & distribution branches. Not only that, Kimia Farma also expands their company continuously to go global by entering international trading level. They export medicine products, pharmacy needs, and also the raw material to Europe, India, Japan, Taiwan, and New Zealand. While for the medicine product and cosmetics, Kimia Farma’s market has reached Yemen, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sudan, and Papua New Guinea.

The other prove that Kimia Farma never stops creating is by their herbal product making which triggered by the big market potential in this field. Although their herbal product has not been the most popular one in Indonesia, but apparently this product market already reached big countries such as Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, and Bangladesh. It is certain that with their strong vision and mission and their concern to health and business in Indonesia, Kimia Farma will always shoot new targets that can bring their company and also Indonesia forward.

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