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Kinokuniya, a Paradise of Imported Japanese Books and Stationery

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08, August 2019

Do you like books and things related to Japan? Then you must come to this Japanese bookstore. Initiated by Moichi Tanabe, Kinokuniya has been established since 1927 with its first outlet in Shinjuku, Tokyo. While in Indonesia, Kinokuniya has been around since 1998 at Plaza Senayan and is managed by PT. Kinokunia Bukindo with a franchise system. This bookstore occupies an area of 1850 m2.

At Kinokuniya, you can find a collection of books, magazines in English, Japanese, Mandarin and Indonesian, as well as exclusive brand stationery from Japan. The books here are also very complete, ranging from novels, comics, biographies, to popular fiction. Like One-Punch Man, How It Feels To Float, This Is Me Letting You Go, Gumiho Wicked Fox, and many more.

Photo Source: @kinokuniya_id

One of the imported bookstores in Jakarta has a warm and comfortable atmosphere when you set foot into it. The interior of Kinokuniya is designed in a modern and elegant style. Finding book you are looking for here will not be hard, because Kinokuniya has a sophisticated book search engine. So, you can find it in a short time.

Besides at Plaza Senayan, Kinokuniya can also be found at Grand Indonesia. You can also buy Kinokuniya collection online through their official website listed below.


Instagram: @kinokuniya_id

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.