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Once You Try, You’ll Come Back for More!

Once You Try, You’ll Come Back for More!

Cafe & Resto 11.30-14.30 WIB & 18.00-23.30 WIB (Setiap Hari)

+62 7262611

Are you a Japanese food lover? If you are, you have to come to Kira-Kira Ginza. This restaurant is located at Blok M Square and always crowded at lunch time and dinner times by local and Japanese guests. The ambience inside the restaurant imitates the Japanese interior design, which makes its customers will feel as if they are in Japan.

The menu choices are various, but you have to note that this restaurant serves pork. Make sure to ask the waiter so you won’t get mistaken when you order food. For appetizer, you can choose the edamame and potato salad, or the various sashimi and sushi. To name a few are salmon sashimi and California Roll sushi. It will be a great snack while waiting for the main course. For that they have the Beef Teriyaki, Katsudon, Niku Yasai Itame, and Sanma Shio Yaki that are all delicious. If you eat pork, the recommended menu is Buta Shoga Yaki. The portion here is big enough if you are starving. The sauces are savory and have ‘kicking’ taste.

Are you not full yet? There are additional menus such as kushiyaki, which is similar to satay or kebab. Kushiyaki is usually filled with beef, innards, and vegetables. The choices are Ginan, Nin Niku, Shiitake, Buta Bara, Tebasaki, and Moriawase, which could make you go silent for enjoying the delicacy. Mmmm! There are also ramen and udon menus to try, such as Shio Ramen, Chashu Ramen, Kira Kira Udon, and Tempura Udon. It will be even better to enjoy the ramen or udon when it rains outside. Make sure you have their sake and sochu, the traditional Japanese alcohol drinks that can be the closure to your meal. You can say that all menus in this restaurant have this blasting sensation in your mouth. So no wonder if you will be coming back for more. It is one of the best and recommended Japanese restaurants in Jakarta!


Blok M Square, Jl. Melawai 8 No.9, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12160, Indonesia


+62 7262611

Operational Hours

11.30-14.30 WIB & 18.00-23.30 WIB (Setiap Hari)