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Know the Nutrition of Your Food with Tuingle

By Miranti Devina

17 May 2016

Get an easy way to know about food nutrition with this app!

Do you like to worry about the nutrition amount in food you consume? If so, it’s time for you to download Tuingle app on your smartphone. The app that uses food scanner technology will inform you the nutrition content in your food such as protein, fats, carbohydrate, and calorie contained in one serving of food. It is also easy, just open the application, capture your food, and click “Scan” on the bottom side of your smartphone screen. And then, Tuingle will inform how many nutrition contained in your food. Simple, right?

The food photo can also be uploaded into your own timeline, just like Instagram. It will suit you who love food photography. Because besides showing the food aesthetics, you can also give the nutrition information. So you can exchange information between the Tuingle users. The data accuracy from the Tuingle food scan is around 70-80%. Although it has not reached 100%, but at least Tuingle can give you the approximate nutrition amount in your food, right? Straightly download the app to your smartphone!

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