Know the Real Functions of Hazard Flasher

Know the Real Functions of Hazard Flasher


Hazard Flasher has a specific function. As written on Law No. 22/ 2009 article 121 verse 1 about traffic: “Every driver and rider must place warning triangle, hazard flasher, and other signs while stopping or parking in emergency situation.” This is the real function of hazard flasher, but in Indonesia people tend to use it in a wrong way.

As written on kompas.com, the Public Relation Division of Indonesian Police Headquarter said there are lots of drivers and riders who are using hazard flasher in improper ways such as

1. Turn It On While Raining
People turn the flasher on while raining in order to make others to see clearer. But this is as wrong as the others will not be able to see when the car makes a turn or changes lane. When the flasher is active, the turn signal cannot be used. Just turning the headlights on is enough and it’s the right way.

2. Going Straight in Intersection
This is really unnecessary. By not turning on any signal lamp, it automatically signs others that the car is going straight.

3. Going Through a Tunnel
This is also unnecessary. Just turn on the headlights or give dim lights so other vehicles see.

4. In A Foggy Condition
Turn the fog lamp on instead of hazard flasher. The fog lamp is designed especially for this condition, not the flasher. Other vehicles will see once the fog lamp gets active in foggy condition.

With knowing this knowledge, hopefully drivers can drive in a smart way. Do not follow wrong habit though many drivers do. Only use hazard flasher in emergency condition, stopping, or other emergency sign such as sudden braking.