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Komunitas Sikat Sikut, Make People to Collaborate

By Eskanisa R

22 Mar 2019

Make your collaboration comes true with Komunitas Sikat Sikut.

This inspiring community invites you to do productive activities can be found in Bogor. Komunitas Sikat Sikut is a perfect place for any communities and those who interest with any kind of arts to collaborate each other.

If you have a great interest in various art things, like music, movie, photography, literature and many more you can meet other people who have exact interest. Here, you can support each other as well as improving your abilities and explore things you have never done before with other communities and individual arts enthusiasts.

It can be seen of series of successful events held by this community, including Sikat-Sikut x Soundsations. As community collaborator, at large national scale event, Sikat Sikut managed to show captivating works or art leave visitors in awe of their works. Do you want to collaborate with other communities? Do you want to improve your skills? Join Komunitas Sikat Sikut here.