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Jikustik Reunion Concert Ready to be Held in Jakarta

By Isny Dewi R

25 Apr 2019

Jikustik Reunian Concert will be held in Jakarta.

After successfully holding a reunion concert some time ago in Yogyakarta. Now it's Jakarta's turn to host the reunion concert of one of Indonesia famous bands, Jikustik. Titled Jikustik Reunian Concert, the concert in Jakarta this time will be held on 1 May 2019, at Balai Sarbini in South Jakarta.

Rajawali Indonesia become the promoter of Jikustik Reunian concert. The concert will be held because of the high interest. In addition to being a reunion moment of Jikustik personnel, the Jikustik Reunian concert in Yogyakarta some time ago also became a cure for their fans. Many of them were willing to came from other cities just to watch Jikustik with full formation to performed again on stage. That is the reason why Jikustik Reunian concert will be held in Jakarta.

The concert tickets are priced from Rp. 750 thousand to Rp. 2 million. The ticket itself can be purchased starts on Monday, 15 April 2019 via


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