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Best Taste for Cheap Money

Best Taste for Cheap Money

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Recently opened, Kopi Susu Bu Lurah take for coffee addict in Jakarta. For dine-in, this newest coffee shop in Setiabudi area, South Jakarta offers their signature coffee in nostalgic rooster mug. Some people enjoy how the sensation of scalding coffee. However, you can also sip cold coffee with some ice cubes in it. Flavourful taste of Kopi Susu Bu Lurah blends perfectly with their free crunchy yet savory peanuts.

Sweet taste of their coffee milk is distinguish with other. It neither sweet nor bitter, both blend perfectly into your mouth. Although served with milk, its coffee flavour still remain. You can skip dine in and treat yourself to a takeaway coffee. Kopi Susu Bu Lurah is pocket-friendly price, it’s worth for Rp19.000 per cup.


Jl. Setiabudi Tengah No. 11, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan 12910

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