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Korean Food in K-Dramas will Make You Drool (Part I)

By Eskanisa R

10 June 2020

These food designate to make you curious and taste it.

Photo source: CheckInJakarta.doc

Watching Korean Dramas may be your favourite way to kill time while #stayathome due to COVID-19. Any kind of K-dramas, there must be eating scene will make you hungry. Here are Korean food in K-dramas will definitely make your mouth water.

1. Tteokbokki

Photo source: Maangchi 
Made of rice or wheat flour and served with red spicy sauce, tteokbokki appeared almost in every K-dramas. The scene where main actors enjoy this delicious light bite surely make you want to give a try! Tteokbokki usually served with odeng or eomuk (made of wheat flour and fish), either served with skewers or mixed with tteokbokki.

2. Ramyeon
Photo source: Maangchi
Korea also has plenty types of instant noodles or ramyeon like Indonesia. Alongside with tteokbokki, ramyeon appeared quite often in K-dramas. This instant noodle with red soup cooked in an aluminium pan which has two handles and lid. Then lid used as ‘bowl’ to keep the heat while eat. Ramyeon taste even more delicious with kimchi as a banchan or side dish.

3. Jjajjangmyeon
Photo source: Maangchi
The existence of jjajjangmyeon in K-dramas is unquestionable just like ramyeon. Although both are processed noodles, jjajjangmyeon use black soybean paste or chunjang which make the soup darker and thicker than ramyeon. Jjajjangmyeon also has best pairing named danmuji or yellow pickled radish.

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