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Korean Food in K-Dramas will Make You Drool (Part II)

By Eskanisa R

17 June 2020

Another list of Korean food in K-dramas will definitely make you want to try.

Photo source: Pixabay
Binge-watching Korean dramas while self-quarantine seems more interesting. Either the casts of latest dramas, story or even the food which appeared in some scenes will definitely make you drool. If you already have read previous part of Korean food in K-dramas will make your mouth water, here are other food are no less tempting.

1. Kimbap
Photo source: Maangchi
At very first glance, this one looks exactly like sushi. Kimbap made of rice with different filling and rolled with seaweed or gim. It commonly have carrots, cucumbers, yellow pickled radish or danmuji and Korean rolled omelette or gyeran mari. Kimbap has two particular shapes, a long pipe and triangle which can be easily find at convenience stores. For the reason of affordable price and generous portion, Kimbap becomes one of most popular light bites in Korea.

2. Chicken
Photo source: Maangchi
In Korea, chicken (fried chicken) is commonly served with beer. Hence, there is a word chimaek comes from chi or chicken and maek or maekju for beer. Korean usually eat chicken deliciously without rice. Alongside with original flavour which served with no sauce, there is also Yangnyeom chicken coated with gochujang with sweet spicy flavour and Huraideu chicken with soy sauce.

3. Korean BBQ
Photo source: Maangchi
Korean BBQ actually use several types of meat, but most popular meat appeared in K-dramas are samgyeopsal or pork belly and galbi or beef ribs. Regardless type of meat, Korean BBQ served in thin slices to be cooked well in minutes. To make those meat taste more delicious, Korean usually make ssam which using lettuce or perilla as wrapper, garlic slices and green chili, kimchi and ssamjang or barbeque sauce with sweet spicy flavour. Beer, soju or soft drinks are chosen to remove any fat and clean oily mouth. Talking about these food surely make you want to try immediately!

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