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Korean Mukbang Youtube Channels That Make You Drool

By Eskanisa R

09 June 2020

Ensure to subscribe and let your mouth water.

Photo source: YouTube
How often do you binge watch mukbang videos on YouTube? Mukbang refers to a popular trend from South Korea which showing plenty YouTubers enjoy their large portion foods. And these following Korean mukbang YouTube channels definitely make your mouth water.

1. ShangHyuk
Men are guaranteed being jealous over 상해기SangHyuk's proportional body shape for a mukbang YouTuber. Despite enjoying a very large portion in every single mukbang video he upload, his body remaining proportional. Carrying a good concept of eat + challenge, SangHyuk visiting various restaurants to do mukbang and challenges. Then, what makes this channel worth to be subscribed? Some of his challenge rewards were given to those in needs.

2. Inah*
With 289K subscribers, Inah showing delicacy of Korean foods you can easily find at convenience stores. Carrying the concept of Korean convenience store mukbang, Inah guiding you to purchase best affordable Korean food at convenience store in Korea which have delicious taste as well as in restaurants. This channel could be a perfect guidance for any budget travelers who want to fly to South Korea right after the pandemic.

3. SuhyangTV
Another interesting mukbang channel which showing small woman with big appetite, SuhyangTV. Through her channel with 360K subscribers, SuhyangTV invites you to enjoy various Korean foods she usually buy from local restaurants in large portions. Some of her videos also showing how she made delicious Korean food to be enjoy. Try to keep up with her latest mukbang video that will make you drooling!

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