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Korean Style Fun Hangout at Chicken Phong

Korean Style Fun Hangout at Chicken Phong

Cafe & Resto 11.00 - 01.00


There is an addition on the Korean restaurants list that can be your hangout place. Chicken Phong is located in the SCBD area, which is a strategic location to gather with friends after work. TheChicken Phong offers a concept of Korean style hangout. Koreans also love to enjoy their spare time eating chicken and drinking beer. That’s why the main menu in Chicken Phong is fried chicken and oven-grilled chicken.

If you like spicy food, Hot Spicy Seasoning Chicken is a must-try. It is a flour-battered fried chicken with spicy and savory sauce poured over it. Hmm… yummy! If you don’t like spicy food, try Barbeque Oven Chicken that is grilled. The cooking process is a bit long, so they provide popcorn for you to wait. Besides chicken, there are other Korean signature dishes such as Bibimbap and Kimchi Jigae. Several tables here are completed with beer chiller to put beer on the table to make it stay cool during your meal. Daebak! 


Blossoms Building (Gedung Milenia)



Operational Hours

11.00 - 01.00