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Kota Intan Bridge, Old Bridge Connected Dutch and England

Kota Intan Bridge, Old Bridge Connected Dutch and England


By looking its construction, you probably know if this bridge, Kota Intan Bridge, is one of Dutch colonial building. Located in Old Town, Jakarta, Dutch colonial government built this bridge in 1600. Some reconstruction and name changing occurred.  

For the first time, this maroon bridge named Engelse Brug or England Bridge with length 30 meters and width 4 meters, more less, to connect VOC and IEC castles separated by Big River.

In 1990, it became Het Middelpunt Brug of Central Bridge. Because, most cargo ship transporting commodity from and to the Sunda Kelapa Harbour will be charged while passing through this bridge.

After the existence of Republic of Indonesia, its name changed again to Kota Intan Bridge, adjusted to the location, nearby Batavia castile named Bastin Diamont (Intan).

Meanwhile it is looked very old, who ever thought this one has its own charm. In the middle of historical places around Old Town, Jakarta, this colonial building becomes one of many favourite spots for selfie.

On the left pillar, there is a number, seemed like home number, No. 21, it is kind of rarely found in many bridges today. In the same spot, there are several big spotlights.

There are several spotlights in the night, and make this old bridge look more beautiful. Its wooden pathways quite steady after several times reconstruction. Not surprisingly, some people choose Kota Intan Bridge as their pre wedding spot.

To get some selfies here or around the bridge with beautiful sight is free, you only need to pay parking ticket if you bring any vehicle or you can take a TransJakarta bus, corridor 1, Blok M – Kota route and stop in the last shelter, Kota.



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