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The First and Biggest VR Theme Park in Indonesia

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
12, December 2018

Collaborate with several corporations such as Tomato Production, Macro Graph, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) and Kovra (Korea VR AR Industry Association), Kovee (Korea VR Entertainment & Ed-tech) Jaya Indonesia build the first and biggest theme park to play and learn with Virtual Reality (VR) in Indonesia, Kovee VR Theme Park which is located in Neo Soho Mall, West Jakarta.

Reasons why Kovee choose Indonesia to build Kovee VR Theme Park are because this country has extensive region and so many population. Aside, Kovee Jaya also see that so many Indonesians are loving Kpop, drama, to Korean culture, which make them sure to expanding Korean VR in Indonesia.

Various kind of entertainment can be enjoyed at Kovee VR Theme Park, such as K-Culture where can take some selfies wearing Hanbok (traditional Korean dress). Or enjoying your kpop idol group and your favorite Korean drama series right in front of you, also enjoying play the sophisticated K-Game like Mortal Blitz, Beat Saber, VRakers as well. With VR, users can get interacted with the environment simulated by computer from any kind of contents.

For the education, the biggest VR theme park has many educating contents like Miniforce. Here, kids are invited to find solution when they are in dangerous situation. Not to be missed, you can also enjoy Korean food such as Teokpokki or Ramyeon at the F & B area.

Kovee VR offers best deal for students, from kindergarten students to college students. One of those promo is Group School or College promo. If you buy member ticket for 30 until 50 people, then you will get special price and of course it is cheaper.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.