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Krakatau Steel Dedicated to Serve Nation

By Miranti Devina

19 August 2015

Krakatau Steel Dedicated to Serve Nation

As the biggest steel manufacturing company in Indonesia, Krakatau Steel has 6 types of products. First, Direct Reduction Plant. This is a product where iron ore is collected to be the materials for making steel blocks, approached with natural gas and water. Different with Slab Steel Plant and Billet Steel Plant, these two steels are made from burning process of the hot iron remaining. Slab Steel is a heated iron plaque for making iron plates and rolls. This type of iron is usually used for ships, pipes, and buildings. The iron plaque can also be sent to the cooling department as the materials to make cars, cans, and kitchen tools.

Three other products by Krakatau Steel are iron processing factories called Hot Strip Mill, Cold Rolling Mill, and Wire Rod Mill. These three have different functions for creating the iron. For more than dozens of years creating steel in nation, Krakatau Steel has been approved to serve people well and make country proud. Proven by the awards they have got, such as certificates of ASTM A252, AWWA C200, and API 5L. They are also approved by the internationals with ISO 14001 Certificate and award as the most concern company for good manufacturing practice and environmental friendly.

It’s no doubt for Krakatau Steel to get those achievements. With the vision and mission of bringing quality product and service not only for nation welfare, but also for Indonesia’s name globally. Their dedication for this country can be seen not only by their products, but also their social responsibilities. They have “Zero Waste Movement” to apply 3R principle: reduce, reuse, recycle. They also have main program such as “One Man One Tree”, involving student, community, and environment observer.

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