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Kredivo Offers Simplicity to Get Loan

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
05, December 2017

These days, so many people love to use credit card as their payment. Simplicity is why they love credit card so much. Just like credit card, buy things with installment program also become many people's favorite. Because it ease anyone to have anything they want without waiting the money collected.

But, behind its advantage there is also the lack which will makes people doubt and think twice to use it. The submission time is long enough. First, you should fill the form, print it, until you wait so long to get the approval. Even you've been waiting so long, not sure your submission will be accepted.

Have we other faster and right way to file a loan? Of course we have, it is Kredivo. This app comes with some advantage which credit card or other loan system don't have. Kredivo is a new way to online shopping with some simplicity to buy things right now and pay it periodically.

Because of that, Kredivo become one of 10 best finance apps in Indonesia with the most downloaded on Google Play Store or App Store.

Kredivo has worked together with over 100 merchants from any categories, such as gadget and electronic, top-up, fashion, travel and hotel, lifestyle, culinary, home decor, office equipment, services, automotive and tools, event, marketplace, and business.

It is easy if you want to have Kredivo. First, you have to download it on Google Play Store and App Store or sign up on Kredivo website.

To make an account, you have to connect to your Facebook, fill your personal data information, and take a picture of your ID Card (KTP). If your submission approved, you will get notification in only one day. After that, you can shopping as much as you can. You can pay your loan in 30 days or choose for 12 months installment if you use payment slip.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.