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The Halal & Tasty Beef Kwetiau

The Halal & Tasty Beef Kwetiau

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Have you ever tried this legendary kwetiau (Chinese Indonesian flat rice noodle) that already has three branches in Jakarta? With the central in Mangga Besar, Kwetiau Aciap also opens the branch in Cikajang, located not far from Pasar Santa. This restaurant serves menu variations that’s the same complete as the central Mangga Besar. You can find fried kwetiau, kwetiau siram (flat rice noodle poured with thick sauce), kwetiau kuah, kwetiau bun, to other dish variations like noodle, rice vermicelli, fried rice, or rice with thick soup. They are all served with beef or seafood, you can choose what you like.

If you are a fond of spicy food, you can even ask the cook to make it really spicy. Besides, you can order side dishes such as omelet, fried meatballs, and various kinds of vegetables. You will enjoy the kwetiau with red onion pickles, green chili, and crackers. It feels so tasty and fresh! And you don’t have to worry for ordering all the menu in Kwetiau Aciap, because all the dishes are halal. The place is also clean and will make you feel comfortable eating here. It can be said that this Cikajang branch has a homey ambience. Well, ready to make this place as the spot for your lunch today?


Jl. Cikajang No.84, Senopati, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12170


T +62217221767 / +622199908059

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Senin-Minggu 10.00