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Cafe & Resto
Cafe & Resto

Peranakan Cuisine Resto with an Extraordinary Interior!

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
25, January 2016

Another spot to taste Peranakan cuisine in South Jakarta, it is La Madame Peranakan Cuisine and Bar. Entering this restaurant, you will be welcomed with a mural of beautiful woman’s face at the right wall, also desserts and cakes display at the left. The resto with Victorian style interior is dominated with white colored furniture and flowery pattern, marble table, and modern ceramic floorings. You will feel the impression of luxury, girly, and romantic ambience here.

In the building, you will also find La Madame Boutique and La Madame Salon at the upper floor, also with the unique interior, colorful but still classy. To have lunch or dinner here, you can choose smoking or no-smoking area. Don’t worry, these two areas are the same elegant with Instagram-able spots. So you can take many pictures while waiting for your food to come.

The offered Peranakan menu that you can try are Nasi Campur Peranakan, Nasi Nona Manis, Nasi Goreng Opa, or Chicken Rice La Madame. Or if you are not in the mood of eating rice, you can taste Lontong Cap Gomeh, Noodle Tuaem, or Rujak Madame. For the beverages, try their various mocktails, squash, or other coffee and tea. Curious to try the Peranakan cuisine in the exclusive place provided by La Madame?

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief