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Lack of Passion? Beware this Burnout Syndrome!

By Eskanisa R

30 August 2020

The worst outcome of untreated burnout syndrome is depression.

Photo source: iNSAMER

Do you feel tired and weak at work lately? It could be a sign of burnout syndrome. As reported from hellosehat, burnout syndrome is a state of emotional, physical yet mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress at work. It can be seen while someone feeling drained and unable to meet constant demands in a long period of time.
If you find yourself unable to concentrate, lack of work passion, careless, keep forgetting things and feel you do not have anybody to help your work and followed by physical symptoms including digestive problems, you probably facing this syndrome.
Hence, this syndrome can no longer be considered as a normal stress while working. In other words, burnout syndrome occurs due to prolonged stress that affect your work productivity and performance.
This syndrome even make someone has the feeling of wishing they do not have to be there and tend to isolate themselves from others. However, the sign of burnout syndrome is vary from one to other people. But, if you feel headache, nausea, unable to get sleep at night, lost the passion of everything, you need to get some help. Or if you get work done amidst all those distractions but you feel all you did was meaningless, get some help.
Is there any thing you can do to identify and prevent this syndrome? Obviously. First and foremost, start to manage your energy and setting your own deadlines. If you find yourself overworked or over capacity, speak to your boss as soon as you feel it because they should be aware of your workload and schedule. It does not mean you are unprofessional, but simply know your capacity to get something done. If you still facing the stress after doing those steps, do not hesitate to consult an expert.

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