An Ojek for Ladies

An Ojek for Ladies


Ojek (motorcycle taxi) is an alternative transportation that is cheap and fast. Besides the use of ojek is practical, it can also slip through traffic jam so you can be faster to reach your destination. As the growth of ojek business in Jakarta is expanding, Ladyjek is now here and made especially for female passenger. Besides that, the driver from Ladyjek is also a female.

Where Gojek is identical with green color and Blujek with white and blue color, it is different with Ladyjek with dark pink and black color. You can download Ladyjek’s application from Google Play for Android users and Appstore for iOS users. Wait for the official launching on October 8, 2015!


88 Casablanca Office, Tower A Suite 5-C, Jl. Casablanca kav. 88 Jakarta 12780, Indonesia