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Lapangan Banteng Park, New Urban Park

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
13, October 2017

Although it classified as old park, Lapangan Banteng park’s charm is not gone. Before it named Lapangan Banteng park, it changed several times, Paviljoensveld, or Lapangan Paviljoen (1632), Waterloopein or Lapangan Waterloo and Lapangan Singa.

After Indonesian independence, Lapangan Singa changed into Lapangan Banteng. Why they choose banteng (bull)? At that time, this park became a home for many animals, one of them is bull. There is also said that since the end of Dutch era, there is spot used for brick mining similar to the bull pool.

In 1970, this park became bus station, before closed in 1985 and back to the its original function. Occupied in 5.2 hectare, this park located nearby Cathedral Church and Istiqlal Mosque. Rebuild it as well established new atmosphere to draw attention to Jakartans.

Before revitalization, walking to Lapangan Banteng park, you will pamper with some remaining of flora and fauna exhibition like Instagramable tree houses, a big gate made by roots also wooden boat that held in July 21st – August 21st, 2017.

To get perfect selfie in front of or in the tree house, you do not have to go to Lembang, Batu or Bali. You can capture every moment in tree houses, here, Lapangan Banteng park that offering you more than just one tree house, you do not need to queue and change with others.

There is a lot of interesting selfie spot, fountain, statue in the middle of park, West Irian Liberation Monument from Dutch occupation and saung (bamboo building) on the edge of running track.

Move to the right side, you will spot three soccer fields, one of them using for tournament. Other two using for running. There is also basketball field for school practice. Right after revitalization, Lapangan Banterng park suit your weekend list that you should miss for picnic, workout or even selfie.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani