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The Historical and Legendary Cuisine

The Historical and Legendary Cuisine

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History can be enjoyed not only from the remaining building, epigraph, objects, or notes, but also with foods! Like what Lara Djonggrang does. With a concept of Indonesian fine dining restaurant, Lara Djonggrang brings back history through their signature dish. The dish is inspired by Majapahit Empire expedition in the reign of King Hayam Wuruk, the biggest and the most powerful king at that era.

When doing the expedition, Hayam Wuruk and his allies were impressed by the exquisite cuisine served in each harbor city. Some of the harbor cities are Sunda Kelapa, Banten, Samudra Pasai, Barus, Cirebon, Semarang, Demak, Palembang, Ternate, Tidore, and Maluku Oceans. These harbor cities are also belonged on the well-known historical pathway trades, the Nusantara Silk Road. So they could find many local dishes with fusion taste of European and Chinese like the origins of the most traders there.

That’s why Lara Djonggrang offers such extraordinary traditional menus, such as Nasi Kajongan Wayan (nasi: rice), Soto Empal Gentong Desa Battembat Cireboam, Batang Tebu Bululawang Chicken Satay, and Beef Oxtail Rawon. Don’t forget order the light meals, such as Pare Ikan Kukus (steamed bitter gourd stuffed with minced fish), Sour and Spicy Fish Otak Otak, Swarloka Prawn, and Gadon Tahu (tahu: tofu). So tasty! For the desserts, try the refreshing Ayuning Krambil, Lara Djonggrang Grass Jelly Ice, and Es Campur Mahameru. Enjoy the rich taste of the heritage, only at Lara Djonggrang!


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