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Lash Extension at D'Look Beauty Bar Makes Your Eyelashes more Beautiful

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19, February 2020

Many women crave for tapering and volume eyelashes, because it can support their appearance. That's why now eyelash extension is so popular. If you also want to get beautiful eyelashes through eyelash extension, Check In Jakarta recommends you to visit D'Look Beauty Bar.

Spread over three areas in Jakarta, precisely in Senopati, PIK, and Kedoya, D'Look Beauty Bar offers several lash extension treatments, such as Classic Lash Extension for those of you who want natural result, and Volume Lash Extension if you want thicker eyelashes . This lash extension salon also offers several size, shape, and eyelash tapering levels that can be adjusted to your eye shape.

To make customers feel comfortable during the lash extension process, this salon also provides beds with blankets. Like eyelash extension process generally, before starting, your eyes will be given a plaster first so that the therapist can install eyelash extensions easily.

Classic Lash Extension is the most favorited one. The process takes about two hours. That's because the therapist must separate your original eyelashes one by one so the results feel more comfortable in your eyes. Although the process is quite long, the result is guaranteed to be satisfying. Your eyelashes become longer, more tapering, and volume. The eyelash glue they use also doesn't irritate your eyes.

Photo credit: Instagram @dlook.beautybar

After the process is complete, you are advised not to wash the eyelash extension with water for the next three to four hours. In addition, you are also advised to frequently comb the eyelashes using a spoolie, and avoid your eyelashes from being exposed to hot water so they don't fall out quickly.

Classic Lash Extension at D’Look Beauty Bar is priced at Rp 500 thousand. In addition to lash extension, the salon also offers other treatments such as eyebrows embroidery, lips embroidery, manicure & pedicure, to laser tattoo removal.

Top photo credit: Instagram @dlook.beautybar

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.