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Last Day of Hitsss Festival 2018, So Impressive!

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10, September 2018

On Sunday, September 9, 2018, Hitsss Festival 2018 held a talk show, Hitsss Talks presented 15 speakers of young entrepreneurs, start-up talents, and creative talents to share their journey, achievements in creative industry. Big name like Melia Winata (Co-Founder & CMO of Du’Anyam), Sarita Sutedja (Founder of Warunk Upnormal - CRP Group), Gerald Sebastian (Founder & CEO of Kok Bisa Channel), Shinta Uli Pasaribu (Co-Founder & CFO of Noesa), and many more enlivened the last day of Hitsss Festival 2018.

At the night, collaboration of Hitsss Festival 2018 and EpicAnniversary “Tribute to 9th Central Park & 2nd Neo Soho’s Anniversary” made people feel excited and proud. The event was opened by Batavia Dance Studio, followed by Hitsss Creative Award 2018, awarding night for most promising, inspiring and growing creative businesses. There were 18 creative businesses from 9 different categories, such as Tech, Fashion & Design, Film & Music, F&B, Game & Animation, Art & Craft, Services, Social Enterprise, and Influencers.

Photo Source: Check In Jakarta doc.

Hitsss Festival 2018 also gave the best appreciations for inspiring designers, such as Danjyo Hiyoji, KLÉ, Nikicio, and MadeInd (MadeInd x Wilsen Willim, MadeInd x Anthony Tandiyono, dan MadeInd x Rinda Salmun) with a remarkable Fashion Runways.

Next is the most anticipated session of last day of Hitsss Festival 2018, fireworks shoots as the collaboration with EpicAnniversary “Tribute to 9th Central Park & 2nd Neo Soho’s Anniversary”. At least, there were 9.000 shoots of fireworks light Tribeca Park and also special performances from Bunga Citra Lestari and JFlow sang Asian Games 2018 theme song, Dance Tonight.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani