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Latest Korean Drama You Should Watch at The End of 2020

By Eskanisa R

12 November 2020

Must-watch K-dramas at the End of 2020.

Photo source: AsianWiki

K-drama enthusiasts surely be spoiled with bunch of latest dramas in vary genres every single month. At the end of 2020, mark your calendar, don’t miss these highly anticipated dramas with totally unpredictable story lines.

1. Please Don’t Meet Him
Known for her stunning, beautiful acting on Fight for My Way in 2017, this drama became her comeback moment. An underrated actress, Song Ha-yoon ready to give another impact on viewers through this comedy-romantic drama.
Please Don’t Meet Him tells story about Seo Ji-sung (Song Ha-yoon) who wants to have a perfect love life without falling for wrong guy. Then, she made an artificial intelligence program called Cho Sang-shin which has the great ability to tell someone’s nature. But, when Cho Sang-shin meet a firefighter, Jung Koo-hee (Lee Jun-young), he cannot tell his nature. What it is all about? Is the AI broke or Ji-sung finally meet love of her life?

2. True Beauty
After his success, starred in a webtoon adaption drama, ID: Gangnam Beauty, this handsome idol, Cha Eun-woon returned for another webtoon adaption drama, True Beauty.
This comedy-romantic drama tells story about popular high school student, Im Joo-kyeong (Moon Ga-young) because of her skills and abilities doing makeup. She totally confident with her makeup skills, but feel insecure with her bare face.
She then stands between two other popular students, Lee Soo-ho (Cha Eun-woo) and Han Seo-joon (Hwang In-yeop) who secretly in love with her. Who will win her heart? Han Seo-joon or Lee Soo-ho who has ever seen bare face Joo-kyeong? True Beauty will ain in December only on VIU.

3. Awaken
This mystery-thriller drama will air November 30 only on tvN. Awaken tells about strange incident happened 28 years ago and closely related to things happened this present. Special task force detective, Do Jung-woo (Nam Gong-min) known for his good reputation in National Police Agency.
Despite of his reputation, he has mysterious past. He then accompanied by FBI agent, Jamie (Lee Chung-ah) who can’t remember her childhood after being adopted and raised in United States to solve a serial murder cases.

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