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Learn to Play Ukulele with UKUiki

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
26, June 2019

Do you like to play Ukulele or are interested in learning how to play Ukulele? Then you have to join this community, UKUiki. Don't have an ukulele yet? No problem, because UKUiki also provides an ukulele for a new member who don't have an ukulele.

Suwu Gratia is the founder of UKUiki. Initially, woman who is familiarly called Graz was only trying to market her painting ukulele. Then, fans of her painting ukuleles were interested in learning to play ukulele. The first UKUiki workshop was held in Kemang with the help from Jakarta Ukulele community member as the mentor. From the workshop then UKUiki community was born.

The community which was inaugurated on 12 April 2016 has members that came from any professional backgrounds and ages. They routinely gather for jamming while increasing their skill to play ukulele. Active members and experts have often had the opportunity to perform in some events to spread joy through the excerpts of beautiful tones. Along with the growing popularity of the community, the demand for UKUiki’s painting ukulele is increasing, even to foreign countries.

If you are interested in joining, you can immediately register by paying a registration fee only Rp. 10,000. But it’s recommended to join the workshop first so you can better understand the basics of playing ukulele. You can see the schedule of UKUiki workshops on their Instagram @ukuiki.

UKUiki is also often invited to enliven some events. As on last Saturday and Sunday, 22 and June 23 2019, this community was invited to entertain visitors who came to Semasa Piknik Lapangan Banteng in order to celebrate Jakarta's Anniversary.


Email: ukuikiukulele@gmail.com

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.