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Learn Yoga Without Expensive With Depok Yoga Community

By Isny Dewi R

17 March 2020

Komunitas Yoga Depok spreads the 'virus' of yoga to the public without having to consider it expensive.

There are many ways to have a healthy body, one of them is by exercising. There are also various kind of exercises, from the simplest such as running, exercise with equipment, to flexible exercise that can fit into those two categories yoga.

Initially, Yoga is a kind of meditation for Hindus. However, as the times have evolved, yoga is now also one of sports that focus on breathing regulation. Unfortunately, until now there are still many people who consider yoga as an expensive sport, because it requires an instructor and is often done in a fitness center or yoga studio.

However, you have to throw that stigma away, because now there are many yoga communities in several big cities. One of them is Depok Yoga Community or Komunitas Yoga Depok, which spreads the 'virus' of yoga to the public without having to consider it expensive.

This community, which has been around since 2016, started with one of the founders who felt that there was no yoga in Depok. Then the Depok Yoga Community was founded which wanted to promote yoga, so that many people knew the benefits of yoga, which was originally known as an expensive sport.

Photo credit: Instagram @komunitasyogadepok

For people who want to join Komunitas Yoga Depok, no special requirements are required. You can immediately come every Sunday at 7 am in University of Indonesia area. After the yoga class is finished, each participant can give contributions voluntarily to the instructor who is teaching that day. Even if you don't have a mattress, that's fine, because this community will lend it.

You don’t have to worry about the yoga movement, because everyone can adjust and not have to force the movement. For beginners, the trick is just to listen carefully and have to tell first that you are a beginner, so that the instructor can give you movement options.

If there are participants who feel uncomfortable with their movements or risk injury, participants can stop. Take it easy! The instructor will not be mad. The point is there is nothing to be forced on because you are not competing with others, but are taking the advantages of yoga.

Top photo credit: Instagram @komunitasyogadepok

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