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Learning Calligraphy at CforCalligraphy

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11, February 2019

Want to try something new? What if you try the art of lettering or calligraphy? If you are interested, there is a place in Pondok Indah that will help you hone your calligraphy skills. CforCalligraphy unfolds the art of lettering, where its lovable store not only supplies the tools to get one started on calligraphy but also hosts weekly workshops for the art and stationery enthusiasts.

Here, beginners would be charmed to see Calligraphy 101 basic tools. The dumbfounding collection of pens, inks, papers, brushes, and all the trinkets to personalise your gears are temptations to purchase. It’s likely as well for those who haven’t even delved in this world be lured in to start the hobby.

CforCalligraphy also simultaneously formed a tight-knit and welcoming community enthused to learn calligraphy. Every week the store opens its doors to anyone who wishes to partake in this realm; the workshops aren’t limited to the art of lettering but also water-colouring, all instructed by Chia, CforCalligraphy owner, as well as other talented artists.

Calligraphy may not resonate much with Indonesian culture. Indeed, back in the day it was an artistry exclusively mastered by educated men to write holy manuscripts during the middle ages. Today, modern calligraphy flourishes and is enjoying a different form of appreciation. You see them in weddings, invitations, murals, hand-lettered logo designs and the likes.

Fret not if you’re uncertain where to start with the multitude of tools and supplies to choose from. The owner herself would gladly walk you through, all the while giving you a tour of some of her personal collections, such as vintage typewriters gracing the store. Writing can also be a fun activity.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.