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Learning The Culture of Uncle Sam Country at @America

Learning The Culture of Uncle Sam Country at @America

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If you want to know more information about America whether about its culture, society, or study and career in America, it means you have to visit @america. Known as the cultural site of the 21st century, you can explore everything about the United States of America in unique and interesting concept. You also can get two-way interactions by joining the community to discuss, debate, or even compete.

Every month, @america brings different discussion topic and events. On a day, you may find a topic about how to study in America, but on the other day you may find a photography exhibition by the well-known USA photographer. Even the speakers invited for you are the best on their field.

The room on @america does not look like a common room. The room is divided on 3 areas. The entrance is the area for deposit counter and overall self-checking for guest. Going into the lobby, you will find a desk to ask any information about @america and their program. In here, they also provide advanced technology to support your activity in the discussion room. Move into the last area, there will be a wooden floor stage with screen and seats for guest, looking like a stadium. It seems like that area is influenced by the modern style. This is where you will have interactive activities to know any information about USA. Cool!


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(021) 57973202

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Senin-Minggu 10.00-22.00 WIB