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Learning to Cook Easier through These 3 Websites

By Isny Dewi R

30 August 2020

Three online cooking classes that you can take at home.

Photo source: Pixabay
Previously, Check In Jakarta would like to thank those of you who are still loyal to #stayathome. Even at home, there are many good activities you can do. One of them is learning to cook. Apart from filling your spare time, cooking also gives us a sense of satisfaction when we can enjoy the food.
If you don't want to learn to cook carelessly, you can take this online cooking class which will provide recipes of any type of cooking to the process. In addition, this class is also equipped with useful tips and tricks to hone your cooking skill.
Compiled from various sources, here are three online cooking classes that you can take at home.
1. BBC Food (
One of the biggest broadcasting platforms in the world, BBC apparently has a special website for online cooking class, called BBC Food. The site will provide you with all information about cooking, from recipes, budget, diet menus to cooking techniques.
The site is deliberately created by BBC as a special program for loyal readers. No kidding, BBC Food even provides 10 thousand more recipes on its website. Here, you can find out how to cut fruit, how to cook vegetables, how to sharpen a knife, food recipes from various countries, to recipes from professional chefs.
2. The Culinary Cook (
On this site there is a lot of useful information about cooking. Starting from the best cooking tools, simple cooking recipes, to tutorials that will help you learn to cook at home. Even online, the explanation given is still easy to understand. Apart from recipes and tutorials, The Culinary Cook also often shares cooking tips and tricks. Here you can learn basic things like how to use a knife correctly, understanding the ingredients, how to add spices, to how to make sauces.
On this online cooking site there are many cooking tutorial videos that will help you learn to cook at home. The cooking tutorial presented is guaranteed to be easy to understand and fun. On Tastemade, you will find many recipes that you can try. Starting from pasta recipes, healthy food, vegetarian, cakes, to desserts. These recipes even come from various countries. So, you will always find ideas to learning to cook every day.

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