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Saving More Fun with These Simple Ways

By Eskanisa R

19 Feb 2019

Simple ways to gain motivation to save money.

You probably one of most people experience difficulties to save some money. Saving has  a lot of benefits for your future. Here are simple ways to make saving as a fun activity to do every month.

1. Set Target

Before save some money, you should have a specific target. For example, you want to buy a new home in early 2020, from now, you should set target for how much you need per month to be saved and buy a new home in early 2020. Specific targets can be achieved if you know priorities. Make monthly priorities by reducing unnecessary expenses, it makes you easier to save some money.

2. Need vs Desires

If you want, it does not mean you need, hence if you need it, it is certainly basic things for live and you must have. To set how much money you need to save every single month, you should be able to differentiate between your needs and desires.

You can take advantage of discounts or promos to buy monthly needs. Check more shopping catalogues to find best offers. Nowadays, a lot of stores offer best deal on certain days, like Friday, Saturday and Sunday. With those simple ways, you can save more money.

3. Make Money from a Hobby

What is more interesting than make money from your hobby? Meanwhile it is for balancing your life, aim to please yourself, a well-managed hobby or skill makes money. For example, if you are eager to do solo travelling, which need some money, for transportation and accommodation, why do not you try to make a travelling vlog and upload on YouTube? Or if you are interesting to capture heaps daily moments, rather than stored in your personal folder, why do not you make a portfolio and offer to those who need photography services?